how to use ceramic cookware

How to use ceramic cookware?

Well, it is very important to know the basic guideline of using a newly purchased vessel. This guideline has been made by doing a lot’s of research on the usages of cookware. So read carefully to know the do’s and don’ts.

  • Always use light oil on the ceramic, before placing anything on it to cook. For better performance use high quality oil, because it will keep your pan strong.
  • Do not use butter because of it’s low burn temperature.
  • To avoid sudden crack of ceramic cookware, it is recommended to thaw frozen foods before placing it on ceramic pans. Because sudden temperature drop is very harmful for the longevity of these vessels.
  • It is wise to use safe utensils like silicone, wooden, plastic or nylon type materials in the ceramic coated pans. Because they are soft and seem to be worked best on the non-stick surface. Never use metal utensils, as they have hard and sharp edges that will create scratch. As a result, it will fade the beauty of your cookware. So by using the above utensils you can increase the life time of your vessels.
  • One of the most important point is always cook on low temperature. Sometimes we think high temperature can cook our food very fast. But we forget that Non-stick ceramic cookware heats up so fast and transfers the heat very efficiently. As a result our food becomes ready to serve within a very short time.
  • That is why it is recommended to keep the flame low. Also it is necessary to avoid thermal crack.
  • Always store the pans carefully after usage. You can use pan protectors or special decorative clothes for it’s safety. Another option is hanging your pans. Nowadays most manufacturers make a hole on the handles only for this purpose. It will add extra beauty in your kitchen environment.
  • Beware of immersing your hot pan into the cold water. Never do this. Because sudden change of the temperature will create a serious effect on the performance of your non-stick cookware.  Also it is responsible for thermal damage to the non-stick coating.    

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