How is the non-stick coating made

How is the non stick coating of ceramic cookware made?

A glass-like ceramic is used to formulate the coating of nonstick ceramic pans. Because using toxic chemicals and particles can cause a great thereat for human body. That is why smooth ceramic coating is used in which the food particles can adhere and makes the pans non-stick.

Thermolon is the ceramic non-stick coating that is used by GreenPan and GreenLife in their non-stick cookware. It is made from Silicon and manufactured with no PFAS, no PFOA. It is also lead or cadmium free.

Coated using a procedure known as Sol-Gel process. In this process, the inorganic material converts into a gel. Later on, this gel is sprayed to a metallic surface and then hardened it.

Thermolon can withstand temperature up to 850 Degree F. Does not release any toxic fumes, even if you increase the temperature of your pan. Due to it’s origin from inorganic element, you can consider it 100% safe for all kinds of food.

Thermolon has been certified in accordance with International Food Contact Regulations set by the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

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